Damen Launches Multi-Purpose Support Ship Designed for Advanced Drone Operations

Damen MPSS.

Damen Shipyards Group, in collaboration with the Portuguese Navy, has introduced the Multi-Purpose Support Ship (MPSS) tailored for contemporary defense and security tasks, emphasizing enhanced drone technology integration. This new class of vessel, engineered to handle a variety of auxiliary functions alongside its core capabilities, addresses the escalating reliance on unmanned systems in maritime combat and surveillance.

The MPSS comes in two versions, 7000 and 9000 tons, blending the operational insights of the Portuguese Navy with Damen’s expertise in standardized shipbuilding. This synergy ensures swift construction while maintaining cost-effectiveness and reliability. The MPSS is equipped with military-grade electrical, communication, and navigation systems but also incorporates commercial technologies, particularly in its mission-specific modular equipment, allowing for a broad spectrum of operations beyond its primary role.

Designed to manage air, surface, and subsea drones, the MPSS also supports amphibious operations, disaster relief efforts, search and rescue missions, diving support, submarine rescue, and helicopter operations. Its modular construction facilitates year-round utilization and straightforward maintenance, with the MPSS Series boasting a minimum of 45 days of sea endurance.

“The MPSS range responds to the growing deployment of drone technology in modern warfare and surveillance, underscoring the significance of such capabilities for national sovereignty. Furthermore, its multipurpose nature ensures taxpayers receive optimal value,” said Piet van Rooij, Commercial Manager of Damen’s Defence and Security department. Damen anticipates showcasing the innovative MPSS at various exhibitions in the near future, highlighting its versatility and advanced drone operational capabilities.