Draganfly Unveils Modular Drone Innovations at Xponential 2024: A Conversation with Director Coty Vann

Interview with Coty Vann, Director of UAS Programs at Draganfly, a drone manufacturer founded in Canada in 1998.

IUS: Thanks for joining us, Coty. Can you start by telling us about your role at Draganfly and what the company’s history with Xponential is?

Coty Vann: Absolutely. I’m the Director of UAS Programs at Draganfly. My team focuses on the end-user experience with our various platforms. Draganfly has been around since 1998, making us one of the oldest commercial drone manufacturers. We’ve been exhibiting at this show for two or three years, but we’ve attended for longer to stay informed about industry trends and innovations.

IUS: As a long-term UAV manufacturer, how many different types of airframes do you actively market today? Can you tell us about some of your latest innovations?

Coty Vann: We currently have three main products. The Commander 2 can carry 2-3 pounds, mainly used for ISR, camera payloads, and mapping. The Commander 3 XL can carry up to 22 pounds while staying under the 55-pound weight limit. Our Heavy Lift System can carry 67 pounds and weighs up to 97 pounds. These products are designed with a modular mindset, allowing users to quickly swap payloads.

IUS: Could you explain more about the types of ISR applications your customers use these drones for?

Coty Vann: ISR is a common use case for our drones across various sectors, including public safety, military, and security. Our systems can integrate thermal and RGB payloads, sometimes combining these capabilities in one system. We believe in collaboration and integrating the best of the drone and camera industries to provide the most effective solutions for our diverse clientele.

IUS: Given your company’s long history, what has been Draganfly’s approach to innovating in the industry?

Coty Vann: Our approach is centered on collaboration and integration. Our modular systems are designed to be easily configurable with third-party components, ensuring we offer the best solutions tailored to our users’ needs. Additionally, product maturity and reliability are key focuses for us to maintain credibility and long-term success.

IUS: Looking ahead, what can we expect from Draganfly in the near future, by the next Xponential event in Houston, in 2025?

Coty Vann: While I can’t share too many specifics, we have some exciting innovations planned for later this year. Our focus will continue to be on enhancing our current systems and ensuring they provide the best possible solutions for our users. We’re committed to product development and staying at the forefront of the industry.

Visit Draganfly’s website for more information about their suite of products.