Full, Free Access to ProjectWise 365 for WFH Infrastructure Engineering Through Sept. 30

Bentley Systems, a provider of design software for infrastructure construction and operations, has opened its ProjectWise 365 cloud service to infrastructure project participants working from home. Subscription fees are waived September 30.

ProjectWise 365 leverages Microsoft 365 technology and office productivity tools, extending the reach and accessibility of building information modeling (BIM) and infrastructure engineering data to facilitate collaboration and design review among project stakeholders. A cloud service accessed through a web browser, it simplifies design review, transmittals, information requests and sharing, and issues resolution.

The tool eliminates the need for network drives, file-sharing services, and PDF exchanges via email, which may create confusion and multiple simultaneous file versions. It reduces the risk of contractual errors.

ProjectWise 365 cloud services employs native web environments and Azure, a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. For project digital twins, Bentley’s iTwin Design Review services range from ad hoc 2D/3D discipline-specific workflows through comprehensive and continuous 4D design reviews spanning the full scope of projects with design integration. For 4D construction digital twins, Bentley’s SYNCHRO portfolio leverages iTwin services to integrate reality modeling with 4D construction modeling, ConstructSim advanced work packaging, ComplyPro, ProcureWare, and Control and Field cloud services.

“The enterprises using ProjectWise Design Integration for work sharing, which include 74 of the ENR Top 100 Design Firms, have been telling us that they credit ProjectWise for sustaining their project productivity over the forced transition to work from home,” said Dustin Parkman, VP, Project Delivery for Bentley. “Now, by broadly and immediately opening up access to our new simplified ProjectWise 365 cloud service, we’re extending ProjectWise advantages in collaboration and design review to infrastructure engineering project teams at every scale.”

Gregory J. Ellwanger, P.E., Project Engineer for BLA, Inc. said, “The present work-from-home conditions and coordination with multiple parties highlight how critical it is to our business and our role as prime consultant on projects, that our project teams always stay connected and productive. ProjectWise 365 cloud services enable us to rapidly deploy a common BIM collaboration environment that avoids the data silos, coordination delays, and the other limitations we’ve experienced while using network drives, file-sharing services, and email. ProjectWise 365 allows us to coordinate designs more quickly and reduce risk in contractual exchanges, regardless of the location of project participants, adding resilience to our design practice and increasing our ability to deliver high-quality projects on schedule.”

ProjectWise 365 is part of Bentley’s portfolio assisting user organizations and end users to work remotely, providing tools, information, and resources including FAQs, videos, webinars and other technical assets. For more about Bentley’s response to the challenges of working from home, www.bentley.com/en/workingfromhome.