MARSS Group Expands NiDAR Counter-UAS to Combat Ships

MARSS Group, a provider of AI-powered security solutions, has announced a contract win valued at over $20 million to deploy its NiDAR Command & Control (C2) systems on combat-facing vessels. NiDAR C2 systems are designed to protect assets and personnel in various environments, including maritime, critical infrastructure, military bases, and urban settings.

In 2023, MARSS Group installed its NiDAR surface and Counter-Unmanned Air System (CUAS) air surveillance system on M/V Asterix, a naval auxiliary vessel serving the Royal Canadian Navy. This installation represented the first application of NiDAR technology on a NATO-associated vessel.

The recent contract, signed in December 2023 with an unspecified South-East Asian client, involves equipping multiple Corvette-class vessels with the NiDAR platform and associated sensors. This deployment will integrate new and existing sensors, such as sonar, navigation radars, and infrared cameras, into a unified user interface. This integration aims to enhance the vessels’ capabilities in detecting and classifying underwater and surface threats, whether the ships are in transit, anchored, or docked at a port.

The project is set to commence in 2024 and is expected to continue until 2029, with the first vessel scheduled for final handover in 2026.

Rob Balloch, Chief Growth Officer at MARSS Group, expressed enthusiasm about this development, stating, “Following the installation of NiDAR onto a NATO vessel last year, we are thrilled to move into the realm of Navy Corvettes in 2024. It’s a major leap for MARSS Group to find itself onboard combat ships for the first time – providing class-leading, cost-effective protection – and we couldn’t be prouder that our NiDAR technology will be on the frontline to support and protect those dedicated to our safety and security.”