MIDLELAB UAV Research Center Created Through Delair-Tech/ISAE-SUPAERO Partnership


Delair-Tech and ISAE-SUPAERO have come together to create a joint research center, where the two companies will collaborate to implement new technologies such as fuel cells and solar cells to enhance small UAV endurance.

MIDLELAB’s main objectives will be to improve existing performance vectors and to develop future performance vectors from the perspective of energy conservation and high performance flight, according to a news release. To achieve this, joint research at the new laboratory will consist of studies for optimizing aerodynamic design using wind tunnels, advanced chain optimization for propulsion systems, exploitation of the aircraft’s natural environmental flight conditions, onboard solar cell energy use, as well as integrating fuel cell technology into Delair-Tech’s small UAV platforms such as the DT-18 and DT-26.

MIDLELAB will be partially funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche, according to the news release.