Neya Systems Partners With AUVSI to Develop Security Framework for Autonomous Ground Vehicles

 Neya Systems, a provider of off-road autonomy and mission planning software, has announced the launch of a partnership with the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) to develop a cybersecurity and supply chain framework and certification program for uncrewed ground vehicles (UGVs). This forthcoming program aims to establish comprehensive standards and testing protocols that will enhance the security, performance, and reliability of uncrewed and autonomous ground vehicles and robotics. 

The initiative is set to address the growing need for standardized evaluation and certification of UGVs. The partners aim to establish a robust, industry-backed cybersecurity and supply chain verification framework for UGVs before the end of 2024. This framework and subsequent voluntary certification program will focus on enhancing the protection, mitigation, recovery, and adaptability of autonomous ground vehicles. 

“We are excited to announce the development of this cybersecurity certification program for UGVs,” said Kurt Bruck, vice president, Neya Systems. “This initiative represents a significant step forward in our efforts to establish an industry standard for protecting UGVs from unauthorized access. Our partnership with AUVSI will enable us to foster innovation and trust within the industry as a whole, ultimately enhancing the safety and reliability of these autonomous systems.” 

Neya Systems brings to the partnership its expertise in applying the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Zero Trust cybersecurity principles to the company’s autonomy software. AUVSI will leverage the expertise of industry members on its Cyber Working Group and Ground Advocacy Committee. AUVSI’s Cyber Working Group previously advised on the development of AUVSI’s Green UAS framework and certification, which is the only verification method besides Blue UAS that the DOD’s Defense Innovation Unit has approved as confirming compliance with NDAA requirements for drones. 

“The need for standards and certifications for uncrewed systems continues to grow alongside the development and integration of uncrewed and autonomous vehicles and robotics, said Casie Ocaña, director of trusted programs at AUVSI. “In the ground domain, AUVSI is looking to leverage our Trusted Cyber framework so that we can offer a solution to verify and support compliance among ground vehicle and robotics companies – which will further advance the safe and reliable future of these technologies.”