Parrot Announces ANAFI Ai Early Access Program

Parrot, a leading European drone group, is pleased to announce the start of its exclusive ANAFI Ai Early Access Program designed for professional drone operators.

If you are a professional drone user or operator performing missions for your business or commercial activity, you can be amongst the select exclusive first users of Parrot’s ANAFI Ai 4G robotic UAV.

We invite you to be part of the Early Access Program as we seek in making complex missions simpler, safer and quicker. Be a contributor to the ANAFI Ai innovation journey!

Professionals from inspection, construction, infrastructure, energy utilities, public safety, surveying, agriculture and defense, are welcome to apply to the Early Access program. Selected professionals will be the first to evaluate the new standards ANAFI Ai offers. Inspect buildings with strong 4G connectivity during built-up urban missions. Map long distance electric power lines in 48 MP at 1fps. Quickly generate 3D models of a buildings just by clicking on its land register in the new FreeFlight 7 App. Create precise flight plans in complex environments thanks to a unique obstacle avoidance system. Benefit from the embedded Secure Element to protect your sensitive data. Develop your own flight missions with AirSDK and contribute to Parrot open-source piloting App.

Interested professionals flying drone missions for commercial purposes on a daily basis to perform their industry-specific requirements can send Parrot their application here.

The selected Early Access Program professional users will benefit from an exclusive ANAFI Ai usage for a loan period of 2 months. A dedicated communication with the Parrot team will facilitate operating experiences. Parrot is looking for datasets, photogrammetry 3D models, flight logs and usage feedbacks. The Early Access Program will facilitate ANAFI Ai calibration for the professional flight.

For more information on ANAFI Ai, visit: