Shield AI Wins $198 Million Contract to Provide U.S. Coast Guard with V-BAT Platform

Shield AI has been awarded a $198,106,876 contract by the U.S. Coast Guard to supply unmanned aircraft system (UAS) services using its V-BAT platform. This contract is an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity firm fixed-price agreement, designed to enhance the Coast Guard’s Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

Image: ShieldAI.

Contract Overview

Shield AI will provide ISR services through a Contractor Owned Contractor Operated (COCO) model, utilizing the V-BAT UAS. This initiative supports the U.S. Coast Guard’s mission to deploy advanced, cost-effective drone technology for maritime operations.

V-BAT UAS Specifications

The V-BAT series is recognized for its single-engine ducted fan vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities. This UAS can transition from a hover to horizontal flight, allowing for versatile operations in various environments. The V-BAT has accumulated over five years of operational experience and is used by both U.S. and international clients for a wide range of missions, from Group 2 to Group 5 UAS operations.

Brandon Tseng, President and Co-founder of Shield AI, highlighted the significance of this contract: “We’re excited to support the U.S. Coast Guard with their ISR operations. The V-BAT’s selection by the U.S. Coast Guard reflects a broader recognition of affordable drones to effectively fulfill mission requirements, as opposed to more expensive crewed or uncrewed aircraft.”

Strategic Implications

The deployment of the V-BAT UAS will bolster the U.S. Coast Guard’s maritime surveillance capabilities. This move is part of a larger trend towards integrating intelligent, distributed drones within maritime forces, demonstrating Shield AI’s contribution to modernizing defense technology.

This contract reinforces Shield AI’s position within the defense sector, showcasing the operational value and innovation of the V-BAT UAS. The company continues to develop AI-driven piloting systems, supporting the enhancement of U.S. maritime defense strategies.