Skyfire Consulting Unveils Rise DFR Village Training and Test Site for Drone First Responders

Skyfire Consulting has launched the Rise DFR Village in Huntsville, AL, establishing a facility for Drone First Responders (DFR) across public safety, military, and private sectors. This 2000-acre FAA-designated site is equipped with airspace awareness and counter-UAS technology, offering robust training and testing capabilities. The facility aims to enhance emergency response strategies through realistic training scenarios and collaborations with industry leaders.

Matt Sloane, CEO of Skyfire, highlighted the facility’s role in advancing drone integration within public safety operations. “Rise DFR Village is set to transform how first responders utilize drone technology, offering hands-on experiences with cutting-edge tools in a controlled environment,” said Sloane.

Participants at Rise DFR Village will benefit from exposure to a diverse range of operational settings, such as urban landscapes and disaster zones, ensuring they are equipped with the skills necessary for effective drone operation in various emergency situations. The village also serves as a collaborative hub, working with drone manufacturers and software developers to keep first responders at the forefront of technological advancements.

This initiative not only supports the practical application of drones in critical response efforts but also fosters a broader acceptance and integration of these technologies into public safety protocols nationwide. Rise DFR Village will also be featured at the upcoming Future Proof DFR & Airspace Awareness Summit.