Steadicopter Adds to its RUAV Black Eagle Family

Steadicopter recently made two additions to its Rotary Unmanned Aerial Systems (RUAS) Black Eagle family: the Black Eagle 25E and Black Eagle 50E.

The company’s Black Eagle platform is proven for military needs, according to a news release. The two new systems are operated with electric motors and designed for law enforcement, maritime, civilian and covert missions.

Converting the company’s Black Eagle 50 system into an electric-powered engine reduced the weight, enabling more payload capacity. The platform weighs 18 kg and can carry additional batteries for longer flights as well as heavier payloads. The 50E can weigh up to 35 kg and offers mission versatility for covert operations.

The Black Eagle 25E can carry up to 25 kg, making it well suited for tactical urban missions.

Both systems have a zero-logistic footprint and can be used for maritime missions. The small dimensions of the platform within the small-tactical unmanned aerial systems (STUAS) allow for efficient and safe operation. Applications include infrastructure security, exclusive economic zone enforcement, anti-piracy and unauthorized fishing, search and rescue and offshore cargo supply.

The environmentally friendly systems are easy to use and maintain. They feature vertical takeoff and landing, a robotic observation system and day and night vision. They are also adaptive to high-altitude flights.