The High-Performance Accelerometer Brings Greater Stability to UAV Navigation and Control

A revolutionary accelerometer makes possible new levels of stability and control in UAV navigation, at lower cost for the inertial measurement unit package. A free webinar on July 8 focuses on this class of high-performance accelerometers and the expanding autonomous applications they are opening up.

Advances in silicon-microelectro-mechanical systems (Si-MEMS) are predicted to unleash dramatic market growth over the next five years, and UAVs are among the key sectors that will benefit.

This user-friendly solution combines compactness with high-level performance, opening up a whole new portfolio of accelerometer applications. The webinar speakers take us inside the manufacturing process to see just how this is accomplished: with a high-sensitivity vibrating beam principle, common mode error rejection and custom damping to improve performance under vibration.

Smart integration of the MEMS accelerometer forms into inertial measurement units providing precise navigation with very low acceleration offset and sensor bias for good long-term stability. High bandwidth and low data latency complete the picture.

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The expert panel:

Vivien Lagorge, MEMS Program Manager, Thales, France
Olivier Lefort, MEMS Expert and Product Design Authority, Thales, France
Edgar Hinüber, CEO and Managing Director, iMAR, Germany
Dimitrios Damianos, Technology and Market Analyst – Imaging & MEMS, Yole, France