UAVOS Introduces Ground Control Station, the PGCS 3

Photo: courtesy of UAVOS

UAVOS recently launched the Portable Ground Control Station, known as PGCS 3.

The ground control station is implemented as a console with controls collected on the control panel, which is ergonomic, according to a news release. In its basic configuration, the system comes with a military-grade rugged Getac X500 laptop. Other 15” laptop computer models can be integrated with the platform, making it versatile.

PGCS3 is a detachable computer and a console with additional controls, and is compatible with UAVOS autopilot. The panel comes with a quick-release mechanism to dock the laptop. Console joysticks, push-buttons and switches are industrial water-proofed units.

The station not only monitors and controls UAVs, it also displays live streaming video from the systems. It can be used as a simulator and is designed for simultaneous work with an aircraft carrying a payload. It has a digital modem that provides UAV control without the need for an external antenna complex. Its switching and power supply board allows the station to work from various power stations as well as to charge the docked computer.