The World’s Smallest “Better Than GPS” Inertial Navigation System Now Available

Drones, robotic, and payload devices now enhanced by this low cost, small footprint, highly accurate, multi-sensor system

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, September 5, 2017 / — Inertial Sense announced today the availability of its low-cost, very small footprint, highly accurate inertial navigation system: the μINS (“micro-INS”). The platform’s patent-pending design delivers the smallest and lowest-cost commercial solution available.

“We’re excited to deliver a technological breakthrough—in size, weight, power consumption, and cost. Historically, quality GPS-aided inertial navigation has been cost prohibitive and too large for many applications,” said Walt Johnson, CEO and founder of Inertial Sense. “As such, ‘better than GPS’ solutions have been designed into only a few systems. Now, as industries such as the commercial and consumer drone industry have grown into high volume markets, the demand for a solution like ours—an accurate, low-cost navigation system—has really grown.”

The μINS is the world’s smallest sensor module of its kind—approximately the size of 3 stacked US dimes. It provides high-quality direction, position, and velocity data for multiple applications by intelligently fusing sensor data from GPS (GNSS), gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers, and a barometric pressure sensor. Additionally, this solution offers:

• Robust noise rejection for unparalled accuracy

• Simplified integration and accelerating time-to-market for our customers with a factory-calibrated system

• A better end-user experience with cutting-edge navigational and 3D motion tracking benefits

Inertial Sense will also be displaying the μINS at the company’s InterDrone Booth (#807) (September 6-8, 2017 in Las Vegas). More details are available at

About Inertial Sense
Inertial Sense is disrupting the navigation and 3D motion tracking industries with the smallest, lowest cost modular navigation systems ever. Founded in 2013, Inertial Sense is delivering market-leading innovations aimed at vehicle autonomy (manned and unmanned) and payload device innovation. Inertial Sense is a privately-owned US company.