AEgis Technologies Showcasing Drone Training Simulation Solutions at Commercial UAV EXPO

Leveraging 10 years of U.S. Military UAS simulation and training experience, AEgis Technologies recently released Vampire Pro – an affordable, high fidelity, commercial, and scalable drone training simulator solution. The company has been showcasing Vampire Pro and Vampire NET simulation solutions at this week’s Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas.

Vampire Pro provides a robust and challenging training environment in drone application and operations. This allows operators the opportunity to get hands-on drone operation experience in realistic virtual scenarios and applications without risk to property or personnel.

Vampire Pro features include:

  • Fixed and multi-rotor wing vehicle(s) performance dynamics
  • Turnkey – includes necessary hardware/software components
  • High fidelity, geo-typical virtual training environments – urban, sea, and mountain areas
  • Application scenarios – oil rig inspection, oil refinery inspection, bridge inspection, cell tower inspection, missing person search
  • System malfunctions – e.g. loss of link, fixed payload, battery failure, GPS failure
  • Mission Planning Capability
  • Customization(s) available as an option
    – Specific vehicle performance tuning
    – Integration of customer specific ground station/controls
    – Custom area virtual databases
    – Software only installation on your hardware (must meet minimum H/W & S/W specifications)
    – Licensing options – e.g. perpetual (std), Enterprise, term, dongle (movable)