AeroVironment Successfully Integrates Multi-Drop, Live Fire Shryke Munitions onto VAPOR 55 MX UAV

AeroVironment, in collaboration with Corvid and L3Harris Technologies, achieves a milestone with the first successful multi-drop, live fire GPS-guided Shryke munitions from the VAPOR 55 MX unmanned aircraft system.

AeroVironment, Inc. unveiled a significant achievement today, marking the successful integration of the Shryke munitions onto the VAPOR® 55 MX unmanned aircraft system. In partnership with Corvid and L3Harris Technologies, the VAPOR 55 MX performed flawlessly, demonstrating its capability to deploy four rounds of live fire Shryke munitions concurrently.

The collaboration between Corvid and L3Harris Technologies has resulted in the development of Shryke, a GPS-guided munition known for its versatility and precision in multi-mission precision strikes. This innovative weapon system meets stringent accuracy requirements by staying within 1-2 meters of designated targets. Kyle Bowen, Corvid’s Shryke business development director, emphasized the suitability of Shryke for the weaponized VAPOR 55 MX, citing its lethal 40mm anti-armor modular warhead paired with a lightweight glider, offering a highly effective, low-collateral damage solution.

L3Harris Technologies’ MIL-STD-1316 Electronic Safe and Arm Device (ESAD) ensures safety-critical initiation-on-command for energetic systems within Shryke munitions. This technology also facilitates the secure post-flight recovery of remaining installed munitions, ensuring safety throughout the mission.

Jason Wright, AeroVironment’s senior product line manager, highlighted the significance of the collaboration, emphasizing the advantage gained by seamlessly integrating the multi-drop Shryke payload into the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) design of the VAPOR 55 MX. This approach allows for quick integration of third-party payloads, prioritizing the needs of the warfighter.

The open software and hardware architecture of the VAPOR 55 MX enable added versatility, allowing customers to integrate third-party payloads of their choice without being impacted by excessive non-recurring engineering costs and schedule delays.

The successful demonstration of the VAPOR 55 MX deploying Shryke munitions marks a milestone in the evolution of unmanned aerial systems, showcasing advanced capabilities in precision targeting and mission flexibility.