Alpha Unmanned Systems and Sightec Form Partnership

The Alpha 800, a gasoline-powered helicopter drone from Alpha Unmanned Systems, now features software from Sightec that enables it to capture crisper images as well as to detect moving objects.

The solution operates without a gimbal and eliminates vibrations on multiple axes, according to a news release. This is beneficial for a variety of applications, such as border surveillance and infrastructure inspection.

“Sightec’s on-board processing eliminates the shakiness caused by vibration on 1, 2 and 3 axes and makes the images recorded easier to analyze than ever before. Using Sightec, we significantly reduce man-hours previously needed to detect moving objects,” Alpha CEO Eric Freeman said, according to the release. “Flying at 1,100 meters altitude, imagery from the Alpha 800 taken over Jaén, Spain appears crystal clear. Man-hours are reduced and bandwidth requirements needed for transmission are minimized.”