Anduril Industries Selected by US Army and DIU for Robotic Combat Vehicle Program Development

The U.S. Army and the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) have awarded Anduril Industries, a prominent defense technology company, the contract to develop a comprehensive software and hardware integration architecture for the Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) program. This initiative aims to pioneer autonomous navigation across diverse terrains, facilitate seamless interactions between various autonomous mobility systems, and enhance the autonomous or remote control of vehicle payloads, sensors, and effectors.

The RCV program represents a cornerstone in the Army’s ground autonomy efforts, focusing on the integration of unmanned and autonomous vehicles with human forces to address hazardous missions. Anduril’s project will involve creating a DevSecOps and Software Integration platform, along with the necessary APIs and network protocols. This platform will serve as the foundation for the rapid development, integration, testing, and deployment of external software modules, sensors, and payloads for a wide array of missions within the RCV program.

Zach Mears, SVP of Strategy at Anduril, underscored the significance of this collaboration. “Developing a robust and adaptable integration framework is essential for the success of autonomous systems. We’re eager to apply our extensive experience in hardware-software integration to enhance the Army’s ground autonomy capabilities, streamlining the process of developing and deploying critical technologies,” Mears stated.

This partnership is reflective of the Army’s growing emphasis on autonomous systems as key components of future operations, envisioned to perform missions in high-risk environments that are unsuitable for infantry and manned vehicles. The contract, facilitated through DIU’s Commercial Solutions Opening and the Army’s Software Acquisition Pathway, demonstrates the Army’s dedication to innovative solutions for achieving human-machine integration.

Anduril stands at the forefront of mission systems integration, noted for its ability to unify a broad range of technologies into cohesive systems that address tactical challenges. Through this initiative, Anduril seeks to enhance the operational efficiency of human-machine integrated operations, reducing the cognitive load on personnel, and delivering advanced technological solutions to provide a tactical edge.