Backpackable ISR UAV, the Ghost 60, Flies to Special Operations Forces

UAV Solutions, Inc. (UAVS) has delivered and trained Special Operations Forces Operators on its AsUAS Ghost 60 Multi-Rotor system.

UAV Solutions Inc

UAV Solutions Inc.

The Ghost 60 system was selected by the Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD) for its Affordable small UAS (AsUAS) program in January 2020. Operators from six different Army & Air Force organizations have been trained thus far with additional training exercises planned through the end of 2021.

Under the IWTSD AsUAS program, UAVS will deliver 44 systems totaling 88 air vehicles plus ground control stations, support equipment, and training. The total contract value is $2.3 million including the base development costs. The U.S.-manufactured Ghost 60 sUAS is a backpackable platform with 56 minutes of endurance when carrying the UAVS 400-gram EO/IR payload. During development, special attention was given to the ease of use for first-time operators by implementing a “Click and Fly” interface. The UAVS-designed gimbal payload with its 10x optical zoom HD day camera and Flir 640×480 IR allow the system to maintain the greatest amount of ISR capability in a cost-effective package.

United States Special Operations Forces (SOF) are the special forces of the Department of Defense’s United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) within the United States Armed Forces, used for special operations. Special operations (S.O.) are military activities conducted by “specially designated, organized, selected, trained, and equipped forces using unconventional techniques and modes of employment,” according to NATO. Special operations may include reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, and counter-terrorism actions, and are typically conducted by small groups of highly-trained personnel, emphasizing sufficiency, stealth, speed, and tactical coordination. SOF has branches in the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

UAV Solutions, Inc. is a woman-owned small business and has supported its DOD customers’ most important missions for over fifteen years. Located in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor, UAVS’s state-of-the-art facility allows for the design, manufacture, and sales of innovative unmanned systems and sub-components.