Clearpath Robotics Partners with ARGO XTR to Launch Warthog UGV, an Amphibious Robot


Clearpath Robotics recently partnered with Xtreme Terrain Robots (ARGO XTR) to launch the Warthog, a large, amphibious all-terrain mobile robot that’s designed for application development.

Warthog will enable researchers to test, validate and enhance robotics research in real-world conditions on land and in water, according to a news release.

Warthog features light-weight aluminum chassis, low ground pressure and a passive suspension system. Its and 24 traction tires allow it to easily traverse a variety of tough terrains including soft soils, thick muds and steep grades while carrying up to 272 kg of payload. The built-in bilge pumps and an IP rating of 67 make Warthog weather-proof and amphibious, capable of moving through waterways at up to 4 km/h, or at speeds up to 18 km/h while on land.

The all-electric, skid steer platform has expandable power that allows for six hours of running time. It can be outfitted with quad tracks for traction and maneuverability in snow and sand.

Warthog includes an internal computer, IMU, wheel encoders, and mounting racks, as well as accessible user power and communication ports for integrating sensors, manipulators, and other third-party hardware. It’s shipped with the Robot Operating System (ROS) preconfigured and a Gazebo simulation model, allowing researchers to get started quickly with existing research and available open-source ROS libraries.

“ARGO XTR (Xtreme Terrain Robotics) has a terrific record of manufacturing rock-solid outdoor platforms,” said Julian Ware, General Manager for Research Solutions at Clearpath Robotics, according to the release. “Combined with our expertise in robotics, we’ve developed rugged platform suitable for a wide range of robotics applications in mining, agriculture, forestry, space, and environmental monitoring.”