Draganfly Partners with First Atlantic Nickel for Critical Mineral Exploration

Draganfly Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with First Atlantic Nickel Corp. to utilize its advanced drone and sensor technology for the exploration of a potentially significant nickel deposit in Atlantic Canada. This collaboration aims to identify zones of awaruite, a highly magnetic nickel-iron alloy, within the expansive Atlantic Nickel Project.

Draganfly will deploy its proprietary survey technologies and services to assist First Atlantic Nickel in exploring what could become the first district-scale nickel project in the region. The initiative focuses on leveraging Draganfly’s high-resolution data collection capabilities to pinpoint the most prospective zones of awaruite mineralization. This data will be integral to the summer 2024 exploration and drilling programs, potentially accelerating the discovery and development of this critical mineral resource.

Strategic Importance and Technological Integration

The partnership highlights the evolving role of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in mineral exploration. Draganfly’s drones, equipped with advanced sensors, are expected to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of geological surveys, providing rapid and detailed insights that are crucial for effective resource management. The collaboration underscores the importance of integrating various systems and payloads to expand the capabilities and applications of UAVs, resulting in quicker, cost-effective data development and strategic insights.

Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly, emphasized the transformative potential of drone technology in data collection, stating, “Nothing collects data better than a drone. Draganfly’s services, whether in mineral exploration, wildfire management, or landmine detection, are focused on creating unique proprietary data central to our and our clients’ overall data and AI strategy.”

Enhancing North America’s Mineral Supply Chain

Adrian Smith, CEO of First Atlantic Nickel, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting the project’s potential to play a crucial role in securing North America’s critical mineral supply chains. “With a 30km nickel-bearing system in Atlantic Canada, this project has the potential to become a multi-deposit district-scale project that could significantly contribute to the resilience of North American nickel supply,” Smith stated.

The partnership aims not only to advance the exploration and development of the Atlantic Nickel Project but also to reinforce the strategic importance of nickel resources in the context of global supply chains. The use of Draganfly’s advanced drone technology is expected to streamline the exploration process, providing high-resolution data that will be crucial for identifying and developing nickel deposits.