Thread Announces Partnership with Gresco Technology Solutions

Thread has announced a new partnership with Gresco Technology Solutions (GTS) to integrate Thread’s UNITI Workspace software with Gresco’s unmanned solutions expertise.

This collaboration will offer Gresco Technology Solutions customers several enhanced capabilities:

  • Rapid Flight Planning: Simplifying mission planning and execution to reduce manual errors and improve efficiency.
  • Automated Data Management: Automatically uploading imagery into UNITI Workspace, eliminating the need for SD cards, hard drives, or local device storage.
  • Advanced Analytics: Utilizing powerful tools to interpret complex data, aiding in utility infrastructure maintenance and enhancing decision-making processes.

The partnership aims to enhance the capabilities of drone solutions in the utility sector, reflecting a commitment to providing advanced solutions for utility asset management.

“Thread is on a mission to help utilities build resilient infrastructure,” said Josh Riedy, CEO and Co-Founder of Thread. “Our partnership with Gresco marks a significant step forward for asset management. By working together, we accelerate the digital transformation for electric utilities across the country and for future generations.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Thread, bringing our customers rapid flight planning, automated data management, and advanced analytics using their UNITI Workspace software. This collaboration underscores Gresco Technology Solutions’ dedication to delivering cutting-edge drone solutions, enhancing utility asset management, and driving digital transformation in the utility sector. Together with Thread, we are set to redefine efficiency and innovation for electric utilities nationwide.” Ali Ahmed, Director of UAS at Gresco Technology Solutions.