FlytBase Launches Flinks for Integration of Enterprise Drone Operations

Enterprise drone operations often involve multiple platforms and systems, with the potential to lead to inefficiencies and safety risks. For example, conducting drone flights on one platform while monitoring airspace on another can complicate collision avoidance, particularly during Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations. Additionally, manual processes such as transferring data from drones to separate post-processing applications can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Nitin Gupta, founder and CEO of FlytBase, explained the significance of Flinks: “We are introducing Flinks to bridge this gap between the enterprise stack and drone operations. It allows users to effortlessly connect the FlytBase platform with critical business systems such as alarm systems, video management, data processing, and more. By eliminating the need for complex, time-consuming manual interventions, Flinks enables enterprises to seamlessly incorporate autonomous drones into their existing operations.”

Flinks offers six types of integrations:

  1. Alarms: Connects to various alarm systems for drone responses to incidents, such as motion sensors and fire alarms.
  2. Data Processing: Integrates with applications to generate high-resolution maps, surface models, and tailored reports.
  3. Live Streaming: Connects drone video feeds with Video Management Systems (VMS) for security operations and incident response.
  4. Mission & Logs: Exports detailed drone missions and data to resource management and flight log applications.
  5. Detect & Avoid: Integrates with third-party systems to ensure compliance with airspace regulations.
  6. UTMs: Connects with uncrewed traffic management systems for real-time airspace awareness.

Expanding Integration Opportunities

FlytBase is expanding its library of integrations, inviting organizations that develop software for VMS, data processing, analytics tools, and flight safety systems to integrate with Flinks. By joining the Flinks Partner Program, organizations can access FlytBase’s global network of drone service providers, system integrators, and enterprise customers.