Cicer One Technologies and AVIDRONE Aerospace Form Partnership

Cicer One Technologies Inc. and AVIDRONE Aerospace are working together to make drone flights more secure and to end the risks that come with cloud-based data capture services.

Combining AVIDRONE’s proprietary flight control and mission planning software with Cicer One’s globally accessible point-to-point information management system will provide a secure flight control and data capture solution, according to a news release. This creates a new way for multiple users to operate unmanned aircraft system (UAS) fleets globally, without compromising mission critical data.

“Third party cloud services have become the standard for Internet enabled devices in the drone industry,” Cicer One Technologies CEO Bob Embleton said, according to the release. “This exposes sensitive mission data to third parties for access and monitoring. By partnering with AVIDRONE we can provide a seamless product solution for their customers. Drone operators will own and control their private data, keeping sensitive information out of the hands of third party service providers.”