HAZON Solutions and PrecisionHawk Form Partnership

HAZON Solutions recently incorporated PrecisionHawk’s Low Altitude Traffic and Airspace Safety (LATAS) technology into its drone fleet management software.

Through the partnership, the LATAS platform will be accessible within the HAZON Drone Management System (DMS), according to a news release. The LATAS platform links unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), 3D ground data and live manned aircraft data from global aviation authorities into one system that lets drone operators know if it’s safe to fly.

“HAZON DMS provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to easily manage operations as they begin building out fleets of drones,” said Tyler Collins, VP Airspace solutions for PrecisionHawk, according to the release. “By adding the capabilities of LATAS, DMS users can now deliver the level of visibility and safety that commercial clients expect when deploying drone technology.”

HAZON DMS was launched as a fleet management software in May. It features operations planning, flight logging, maintenance tracking and field team reporting.  The LATAS platform connects various airspace management technologies, including sense and avoid, geofencing and aircraft tracking, into a service package. LATAS makes it possible for users to request, track and verify all flight operations from a central location and automatically report flight paths back to aviation authorities.

“HAZON remains focused on adding features that will help our users increase their safety margins or their operating efficiencies, hopefully both,” HAZON CEO and co-founder David A. Culler, Jr. CAPT USN (ret) said, according to the release. “A partnership with PrecisionHawk was a natural next step; we believe LATAS adds value today and will add outsized value as beyond line of sight flying transitions out of research and into production.”