LiDARUSA Puts Safety First With Drone Rescue Systems

Photos courtesy of LiDARUSA.

LiDARUSA has announced the option of the Drone Rescue Systems parachute system with all DJI M600 UAV sales.

As UAV’s become increasingly common for mapping applications the likelihood of a crash increases. The No. 1 concern for any pilot should be the safety of all people in the vicinity, while equipment safety is No. 2. Any mapping-equipped drone will have enough weight to potentially harm a person even if falling from a low altitude flight. The Drone Rescue system is designed to greatly mitigate this danger and give the pilot added assurance that should the system fail, they have gone the extra mile to prevent harm to any by-standers.

Weighing in at just 430 grams in a re-packable cannister of only 160×75 millimeters (HxW), the DRS-M600 is designed to auto-release using a patented, airplane-friendly, ejection mechanism within milliseconds of detecting a system failure. Effective as low as 10 meters with a descent of 3m/s, the equipment will land without a hard impact yet quickly enough to keep from being dragged far away.

“We performed our own tests of the Drone Rescue system to ensure the system really worked as advertised,” says Daniel Fagerman, CTO of LiDARUSA. “We weren’t disappointed. While it’s an expensive test if it fails, the good news is it that the system worked as well as could be expected. The M600 incurred very little damage that was easily repaired. We feel confident this will be more than just an accessory for our clients but rather a necessity.”

The company is now offering this to any M600 owners. The size and weight are a major bonus when combined with the airplane-friendly feature especially for the busy traveler, according to LiDARUSA. To view test sites, visit