Maritime Robotics, Teledyne Marine Deliver USVs to Ukraine

A Maritime Robotics Otter USV, equipped with an echosounder from Teledyne Marine. Photo courtesy of Maritime Robotics.

Maritime Robotics a Norwegian provider of autonomous technology, and the Danish subsea technology supplier Teledyne Marine have delivered a number of unmanned surface vessels to the Ukrainian navy for advanced sensor data collection.

Maritime Robotics’ Otter USV, equipped with the Teledyne RESON SeaBAT T51-R multibeam echosounder from Teledyne Marine, is now in use by the Ukrainian navy. The USV enables critical data collection, without endangering human lives, as the sensors are carried by an unmanned vehicle. This allows for comprehensive and accurate information about specific marine areas. Data and information collected by the unmanned systems are used to strengthen Ukraine’s defense, enhance maritime traffic security and support the safety of the civilian population in the areas.

“We are proud to offer solutions that improve the safety of civilians in Ukraine while supporting the Ukrainian navy. Our technologies and solutions delivered to the Navy are specifically designed to contribute to and strengthen defense and save lives. Maritime Robotics acknowledges Ukraine’s concerns for the safety of its people and communities and is determined to support their efforts in creating a safe environment,” said Eirik Hovstein, vice president of defense and security at Maritime Robotics.

The Otter USV by Maritime Robotics is part of a portfolio of autonomous technologies capable of supporting military personnel in mapping and securing marine environments. Controlled and navigated remotely, Maritime Robotics’ USVs can identify, locate, and safely neutralize potential threats such as explosive devices and sea mines, reducing human risk and securing both military and civilian lives.