Zighra Partners with Canadian Coast Guard to Enhance Maritime Security with AI-Driven GenesysInsights Platform

Zighra, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity solutions, has secured a contract to enhance the Canadian Coast Guard’s maritime security capabilities with its advanced GenesysInsights platform. This new technology integration marks a step forward in maritime safety and security, leveraging multi-sensor fusion and AI to offer automated threat detection and situational awareness.

The GenesysInsights platform is designed to synthesize data from multiple sources, including GNSS and both terrestrial and space-based Automatic Identification System (AIS) signals. This integration facilitates a more comprehensive approach to monitoring and responding to maritime threats, bolstering the Canadian Coast Guard’s operational efficiency.

This initiative, part of the Innovative Solutions Canada program, addresses the critical need for enhanced Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) technology. PNT systems, essential for a variety of applications from military operations to civilian navigation, are vulnerable to cyber threats such as jamming and spoofing. These vulnerabilities underscore the importance of robust security measures to protect against unauthorized activities and sophisticated cyber attacks.

Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the GenesysInsights platform’s capability to unify AI with multi-sensor data fusion for proactive threat mitigation. The platform’s advanced machine learning algorithms allow for the analysis of vast amounts of sensor data, enabling the detection of anomalies and unusual patterns that may signify potential risks.

The pilot project with the Canadian Coast Guard is set to deliver enhanced situational awareness through real-time maritime activity monitoring, advanced threat detection, and an integrated command system equipped with automated alerts for improved decision-making and coordination.

The successful deployment of GenesysInsights has the potential to extend its application to other critical infrastructure sectors, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness in ensuring safety and security in diverse operational environments.