Milrem Robotics Secures Contract to Supply Unmanned Ground Vehicles to Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces

Milrem Robotics has secured a contract to provide the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces with its THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). The Estonian-based company will deliver three THeMIS UGVs tailored for multifunctional roles, including logistics support and intelligence gathering, enhancing the operational capabilities of the Japanese forces.

The THeMIS UGVs are equipped with Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit (MIFIK), which facilitates autonomous navigation both on- and off-road, enabling operators to pre-plan missions with detailed waypoints and behaviors. This system is integral to the UGVs’ ability to perform complex missions with minimal human oversight.

Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics, expressed pride in supporting the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces. “Our goal is to fundamentally strengthen Japan’s defense capabilities with unmanned assets, which are crucial for achieving asymmetric superiority while minimizing human casualties on the battlefield,” Väärsi stated.

The contract is part of Japan’s Rapid Acquisition Program, which aims to quickly enhance the Self-Defense Forces’ capabilities with advanced technological solutions. The THeMIS UGVs were selected for their proven track record and advanced technological integration, currently in use by the military forces of 16 countries, including eight NATO members.

The deployment of these UGVs is expected to boost the safety and efficiency of operations conducted by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, helping to shape how ground operations are conducted in increasingly automated and remote-controlled environments.

Image: Milrem Robotics