NUAIR Paves the Way for Cross-Border Drone Operations Between the US and Canada

NUAIR, a New York based non-profit, is set to implement cross-border unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations between the US and Canada, following significant approvals and readiness missions. In 2023, NUAIR secured a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Canada, allowing US pilots to operate U.S.-registered drones in Ontario. Over the past year, the organization has conducted preliminary tests on wireless coverage and flight capabilities to guarantee safe and efficient flights between the two countries.

Collaborating with federal agencies from both nations, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NAV Canada, NUAIR has acted as an international diplomat to ensure the feasibility of these operations. According to Ken Stewart, NUAIR’s President and CEO, the organization is transitioning from planning to executing regular cross-border flights, with an initial focus on connecting medical centers in upstate New York and Ontario for quick transport of medical supplies and other critical cargo.

“Most people focus on the inaugural flight as the breakthrough moment,” said Anthony Basile, NUAIR’s Chief of Flight Operations, “but the more difficult and revolutionizing effort is in the preparations. We understand the impact this will have on harmonizing cross-border operations, but we also recognize that it does not work unless it is done correctly.”

This development is expected to bring significant benefits to the communities in New York, Ontario, and beyond, marking NUAIR as a key facilitator in these groundbreaking cross-border UAS operations.