SenseFly, a Parrot Company, Introduces eXom, a Rotary Drone that Features Five Vision Sensors and the Ability to Record a Variety of Imagery

There were plenty of drones on hand at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but senseFly’s eXom was one of the few that wasn’t designed just for hobbyists. This rotary drone is built for inspection and close mapping.

What makes eXom different? It offers professional users enhanced situational awareness, an autopilot-controlled TripleView head that makes it possible to record a variety of imagery including HD video, ultra-high-resolution stills and thermal data, as well as five vision sensors that allow users to see in the same direction eXom is moving, and that provides enhanced awareness and safe operation.

The vision sensors work with the drone’s five ultrasonic sensors to ensure users always know how close eXom is to nearby objects, according to a news release. Because its TripleView head faces the front, eXom can fly up close to target structures for sub-millimetre data resolution. The head features a 270° vertical field of view, enabling eXom to document objects directly above it—a feature that’s vital for challenging tasks like inspecting the underside of a bridge.

This drone’s sensory intelligence makes it easy to control without the need for a remote control or piloting skills, according to the release. Users can choose from a variety of flight modes, including Interactive ScreenFly mode and Autonomous mode.

After two years of intensive development, senseFly first unveiled eXom at Intergeo 2014 in Berlin.

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