Sensonor Displays New Tactical Grade IMU at AUSA

Sensonor has announced at AUSA in Washington, DC, a new high-accuracy tactical grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) — STIM 318. Designed for increased accelerometer performance to support demanding guidance and navigation applications, STIM 318 features:

  • Start-up time of <1 second
  • Gyro IRBS of 0.3°/h
  • Gyro ARW < 0.15°/√h
  • Accelerometer bias instability 0.003 mg
  • Accelerometer noise 0.015m/s
  • Measurement range up to 2000°/s/√h

An ITAR-free product, STIM318 is available in export controlled and non-export controlled versions. It is compatible with Sensonor’s STIM300 IMU.