Sensors, Drones Among Technologies Featured at Future of Mining Conference

The Future of Mining conference, March 25-26 in Sydney, Australia, will bring together C-suite, Heads and Managers of Mine Operations, METS and Support Services from top enterprises around the globe to debate, come up with answers and define the current and future mining landscape.

The two-day event will address a number of key topics, but technology advances including remote cameras, sensors and drones will be prominent throughout.

Expert speakers will include leaders from across the industry in an agenda curated through the knowledge capital of our trusted globally renowned Australia’s Mining Monthly and Mining Magazine editorial teams.

The Future of Mining will address the key strategic and operational questions that matter from project/operations level management through to the boardroom. This event is designed to step away from the traditional transactional conference model to provide a transformational experience.

Exploring All Aspects of the Future of Mining

DISRUPTION IN MINING: Gain insight into the social, geo-political and economic forces and market trends that have and will continue to reshape the mining industry as we know it today.

INFLUENCING CHANGE: Explore how companies are re-focusing their efforts on creating a united workforce in order to encourage innovation, collaboration and transparency.

VALUE CHAIN OPTIMISATION – A HOLISTIC APPROACH: Learn how the industry is striving towards a sustainable future with the application of new processes, systems and methods of communication.

GAME CHANGING EQUIPMENT: Discover how the latest technology is being applied across the mining lifecycle to improve the economics of existing mines and new projects including; remote cameras and sensors, haulage and hybrid loaders and drones.

INNOVATION IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN: Understand what innovation really means and how companies are taking the industry to new heights with advanced extraction, processing and exploration methods.

BUILDING FROM THE BOTTOM UP: Analyze the future of Manufacturing, Equipment, Technology and Service Companies (METS) and how this multi-billion dollar sector will continue to drive innovation and investment in the sector.

THE HUMAN EFFECT: Deep dive into the process of de-minifying humans from our mines and the challenges facing companies as they reshape their organizations.

This year’s event will see even more companies come together to display and discuss their current and up-and-coming projects which will drive the mining service arena to new heights. The exhibition floor will put on a display of leading mining companies, service providers and startups giving the 500+ attendees the chance to interact with a diverse array of technologies and innovations from around the world.

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