Inside Unmanned Systems Webinar Series: Precise Positioning for Automation, Autonomy and Robotics

Autonomy is transforming the way work is done across various industries, including construction, agriculture, automotive, rail and ports. Robust positioning, communication and software technologies have become the driving force behind this transformation, making it possible to complete jobs faster, safer, cheaper and greener.

In this webinar, we’ll delve into the current state of automation and autonomy — and how Trimble is helping enable the development of these solutions. Trimble GNSS for OEMs Product Manager Gordon Hain will highlight the company’s guiding principles of autonomy with strong technical expertise in robust positioning and orientation in all operating environments. He will cover options that provide accurate positioning and orientation for entry level GNSS receivers to high-precision INS systems; real-time and ground-truthing for development, prototyping and testing; HD mapping and path planning that creates customizable libraries to optimize workflows; and localization and perception that, through sensor fusion, enables operation in GNSS-denied environments.

During the webinar, Dynapac Application Specialist Fredrik Akesson and SAGA Robotics Senior Robotics Engineer Michael Hutchinson will share real-world use cases from the agriculture and construction industries. They’ll provide a deep dive into sensor integration in off-road environments that bring automation and autonomy alive.

Our expert panel:

Gordon Hain, Product Manager, Autonomy Sector, Trimble Inc.
Gordon is a Product Manager in Trimble’s Autonomy division. He has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mechatronics. His professional background is deeply rooted in the construction and mining industries which has given him extensive experience in this domain.
His association with Trimble commenced with the acquisition of Loadrite, during which he served as the Product Manager overseeing excavator payload measurement systems. Following this, he spent several years immersed in the realm of GNSS Aided Inertial Navigation Systems, where he collaborated closely with enterprises engaged in ventures spanning from deep-sea exploration to the fringes of our atmosphere.
His current role at Trimble focuses on steering the autonomous compactor project and other cutting-edge autonomy-related products.

Fredrik Åkesson, Application Specialist, Dynapac
Fredrik Åkesson currently serves as Application Support Engineer at Dynapac, overseeing autonomous technology implementation for the compaction business unit. Previously, he joined Dynapac as technical training manager in 1998 and has held several training, application support and portfolio management leadership roles at the business. Fredrik holds a degree in construction engineering from Högskolan Karlskrona/Ronneby and previously served as an Officer in the Swedish Navy.

Michael Hutchinson, Senior Robotics Engineer, SAGA Robotics
Michael Hutchinson joined Saga Robotics as a Senior Robotics Engineer in 2019 where he leads development of the autonomy software for the Thorvald platform. Previously, he gained a PhD in Robotics and Automation and a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from Loughborough University, UK.

This can’t-miss free webinar is scheduled for 1 p.m. Eastern on September 20. Register today.

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