Spectracom Launches VersaSync at AUVSI



Most of today’s time and frequency solutions aren’t optimized for unmanned platforms, but the team at Spectracom plans to change that with the new high performance GPS master clock and network time server, VersaSync.

VersaSync, set to launch at the AUVSI meeting in Atlanta, offers a small footprint (165 X 120 X 45 millimeters) and weighs less than 500 grams, making it easy to integrate into unmanned platforms for use in a variety of applications, said Rohit Braggs, VP Sales & Marketing. The all-in-one rugged timing and frequency solution provides accurate timing, positioning and attitude in a single, low SWaP box.

VersaSync represents Spectracom’s first standalone timing platform aimed at the unmanned market, and was built based on the company’s nearly 40 years of experience in the precision timing and frequency business.

“Thinking about unmanned platform applications stretched our imagination,” Braggs said. “We had to use our expertise to develop a failsafe technology in a much smaller form factor.”

Not only did the team know VersaSync needed to be small and feature low power consumption, it also needed to be versatile, Braggs said. There are many different types of unmanned vehicles used for many different applications, and they wanted to develop a solution flexible enough for any of those applications.

“All the various unmanned applications have different technology needs, different timing and frequency outputs depending on how they’re being deployed,” Braggs said. “We knew we had to make it versatile enough to be deployed on various unmanned platforms. We made the design flexible, and targeted the compact size along with the ruggedization to address timing and frequency needs. It has configurable signals and various interfaces commonly deployed in these applications.”

VersaSync can be used in land, airborne and marine applications, including as observation payload, robotics, electronic warfare sensor support for naval applications, tactical UAS navigation and communications, and is customizable to match these and other various applications.

VersaSync’s small size, weight and low power consumptions make it easy to integrate, Braggs said, while its high level of ruggedization makes it suitable for mobile applications in harsh environments. It delivers accurate time and frequency in GNSS denied environments by accommodating an OCXO or a CSAC oscillator, allowing the unit to maintain frequency and time accuracy during GPS/GNSS outages.

This new offering is one of the products in Spectracom’s growing rugged portfolio, Braggs said. The Geo-iNav GPS + INS Inertial Navigation System and the Geo-PNT Rugged PNT Module are also part of that portfolio, and are designed to offer precise position and navigation. The Geo-iNav is a fully integrated GPS-aided inertial navigation system available in six standard configurations for commercial and military applications, while the Geo-PNT combines precision timing with positioning and navigation data for continuous data streaming of TSPI (time-space positioning information).

As the unmanned market continues to grow, Braggs expects the company’s portfolio will as well to meet the industry demand for accurate timing and frequency solutions.

“The industry and the technology is constantly changing,” Braggs said. “With VersaSync we provide an all-in-one reliable solution that’s easy to integrate into customized applications.”

For more information, visit spectracomcorp.com.