TEKEVER Launches Upgraded AI-driven Intelligence as a Service Offering

TEKEVER has announced a significant upgrade to its intelligence service platform, TEKEVER ATLAS. This latest development introduces a series of features designed to boost operational effectiveness and decision-making for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) controllers.

The enhanced ATLAS platform now includes ATLAS Heatmaps, a feature that facilitates efficient tracking and analysis of flight zones across multiple missions. This allows for detailed surveillance data review, offering crucial insights that influence mission strategies over varying timeframes.

Further enhancing its functionality, TEKEVER has integrated the platform with the Team Awareness Kit (TAK), merging real-time data with Remote Video Terminal (RVT) applications to improve UAV surveillance capabilities. This integration promotes seamless collaboration and significantly boosts situational awareness, streamlining operations across diverse teams.

An immersive First-Person View (FPV) streaming feature has also been introduced, providing UAV pilots with an essential visual tool, especially during critical take-off and landing phases when traditional cameras are not in use. This perspective is crucial for ensuring precise UAV control and enhanced situational awareness.

TEKEVER CEO Ricardo Mendes highlighted the impact of the ATLAS platform, speaking with Inside Unmanned Systems at XPONENTIAL 2024, “From a product development and from a production point of view, we’re agile…we have very fast development cycles. And this is fundamental to be able to adapt to changing environmental conditions. So what you’re working with in a scenario where the mission today is this, and it needs to be done at this altitude, under these electromagnetic conditions. Tomorrow, it’s a completely different thing.”

Noting ATLAS’s critical role in diverse operations across three continents, Mendes said, “ATLAS has been instrumental in aiding dual-use clients to pinpoint significant events, from gas pipeline leaks in Africa to tracking illegal fishing activities and monitoring whale migrations near Italy”. He emphasized that the integration of human expertise with AI through the ATLAS platform aims to set a new standard for intelligence services in the industry.