The very first ‘droneport’ is coming

The very first 'droneport' is coming

Reuters Aerodrome, a company that owns and operates teaching airports for commercial drones, has broken ground on the world’s first commercial droneport — a facility that offers government-approved training, testing, and pilot certification. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has only approved five other sites for educating and providing official pilot certification for drone operators. But the droneport is the first facility that is entirely dedicated to drones and allows them to take priority over manned aircrafts, according to the press release. Aerodrome has broken ground on the fully-funded droneport, which will be located in Boulder City, Nevada. Parts of the droneport program are already operational in Boulder City, and the facility is slated for completion in 2018, according to Fast Company. The announcement comes just after the FAA announced on Monday its mandatory drone registration program. According to the new FAA rules, all consumer drone owners who own a device between half a pound to 55 pounds must register the unmanned aircraft with the government using their name, address, and email. Drone owners who use the device for commercial purposes must continue to register their unmanned aircraft via the paper process that was formerly established. “Unmanned air systems are […]