Toyota, READY Robotics, and NVIDIA Collaborate on Sim-to-Real Robotic Programming for Industrial Manufacturing

In a collaborative effort, Toyota Motor Corporation is partnering with READY Robotics and NVIDIA to advance industrial robotics through Sim-to-Real programming. The initiative utilizes READY ForgeOS and NVIDIA Isaac Sim to create a simulated robotic programming environment for Toyota’s aluminum hot forging production lines, aiming to enhance safety and efficiency in manufacturing processes.

“The collaboration focuses on achieving realistic visual and physics-simulation fidelity in robotic simulations,” says Dr. Kel Guerin, Chief Innovation Officer at READY Robotics.

The integration of NVIDIA Isaac Sim with ForgeOS enables seamless programming in a simulated environment, addressing safety challenges associated with hot metal parts. “We are looking towards a future where machine learning and AI allow for advancements in our manufacturing processes,” says Kazuhiro Suzuki, Group Manager of Toyota Motor Corporation’s Raw Materials Development Division.

READY Robotics’ ForgeOS simplifies the programming process for industrial robotic manipulators, offering a user-friendly experience. The “sim-to-real” workflow allows Toyota to program and optimize complex robotic hot forging routines in simulations before transferring them to live production work cells.

“This approach eliminates the need for programming in the physical installation itself, contributing to reduced safety concerns around hot parts,” notes Dr. Kel Guerin.

ForgeOS’s control over both simulation and physical work cells facilitates quick program transfer and updates, minimizing downtime and simplifying maintenance. “Simulating industrial processes in high fidelity prior to their real-world deployment can greatly improve productivity and safety while reducing costs,” adds Deepu Talla, Vice President of Embedded and Edge Computing at NVIDIA.

An additional feature is ForgeOS’s capability to relay real-time production data from the live cell back to the original NVIDIA Isaac Sim simulation, creating a digital twin for enhanced monitoring. “This project exemplifies our commitment to improving sustainability, safety, and access with our electric drone services,” says Alex Brown, Director of Skyports Drone Services.

The collaborative effort between Toyota, READY Robotics, and NVIDIA showcases the application of technology, such as NVIDIA Isaac Sim, to explore digitalization possibilities in manufacturing.