UAVOS’ Robinson Rotary-Wing UAV Designed for Maximum Takeoff, Landing of 635kg

The company portfolio includes a fixed wing UAV based on a Pipistrel Sinus light aircraft and a Robinson rotary-wing UAV with a maximum take off and landing of 635kg. Photo: UAVOS

The Robinson rotary-wing UAV is just one of many products and solutions in the unmanned aerial systems field and UAV components that was showcased by UAVOS this spring in Chicago at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL 2019.

UAVOS also demonstrated complete turnkey UAS solutions at the conference, and how to convert existing manned aircraft into unmanned platforms.The company portfolio includes a fixed wing UAV based on a Pipistrel Sinus light aircraft and a Robinson rotary-wing UAV with a maximum takeoff and landing of 635kg. The converted aircraft in fully automatic mode is designed to successfully carry out missions as required by customers’ R&D projects. The purpose of modernized aircrafts is to carry out commercial works on multispectral and radar monitoring of ground objects and marine areas, for cargo transportation.

UAVOS introduced the unmanned aircraft to fly in the stratosphere which is capable of revolutionizing defense, humanitarian, and environmental missions around the world. ApusDuo,the company’s solar-electric stratospheric unmanned aircraft, combines the advantage of a satellite with the flexibility and persistence of an UAV.

Also featured in Chicago was the HiDRON,unmanned stratospheric glider to launch, lift and return in-situ earth observation instruments. HiDRON, the joint project of UAVOS and Stratodynamics Aviation Inc., has successfully completed the next stage of the meteorological probe tests at an altitude of 25 km with a payload of 650 gr. The test flight lasted 4 hours.

The rotary-wing UAV equipped with state-of-the-art technologies will also be showcased at UAVOS booth. Unmanned aircraft can perform defense and commercial missions. One of them is UVH-170E–the industrial grade helicopter with a four-stroke injector gasoline engine equipped with a generator-starter. Take-off, landing and mission execution are carried out automatically.
The UVH-170E is designed for operation in a hot and moist tropical climate and has improved engine cooling.

UAVOS also offers a wide range of componentscontributing to the development of the unmanned systems industry by providing the best of solutions and technologies. The Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS) is based on a console with controls and a docking interface for a military-grade rugged Getac X500 laptop computer. All main UAV and payload controls are collected on the ergonomic control panel. Console joysticks, push-buttons and switches are industrial water-proofed units. Console housing is made of aluminum alloy.

Auto-Tracking Antenna Systemfor enabling long-range data transmission for unmanned aircraft applications, with its precision targeting, makes it possible to use high gain directional antennas.