Unjammable and Tough on the Ground: New IMUs Improve Military Ground Vehicle Positioning & Navigation

In tactical-grade navigation and targeting systems, a new inertial technology has proved itself under the most demanding conditions, showing the precision required for assured positioning, navigation, and timing (A-PNT) solutions.

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The photonic integrated chip (PIC) makes a dramatic breakthrough in fiber-optic gyro (FOG) design, replacing individual fiber components with an integrated planar optic chip for superior reliability. With discrete components now contained within a single PIC — no splices, no handbuilt parts, — it offers increased reliability, longer lifetime and decreases optical loss.

Its robust, reliable highly accurate performance suit it for a range of demanding applications from autonomous navigation to subsurface missions. Its principal role to date has been in tandem with an external DAGR (Defense Advanced GPS Receiver) in a military ground vehicle scenario. For targeting applications, it provides an  interface to turret angle encoders and laser range finders. It also supports an optional chip-scale atomic clock (CSAC).

You’ll see up-close and detailed performance results, particularly when GPS/GNSS is pulled out of the solution, as in a jamming or spoofing scenario, or operations in deep urban environments. The new PIC inertial measurement unit (IMU) continues to provide accuracy within 0.2% of distance travel under GPS-denied conditions. On a recent 360 kilometer drive on paved roads, it had a final dead-reckoning position error of 65 meters, for a phenomenal 0.02% rate. On a 14-kilometer off-road journey in very muddy terrain, its error was 0.12% of distance travelled.

The PIC also eliminates problems associated with wheel-slips in muddy, sandy and loose terrain, and continues to perform in high-altitude situations.

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Robert Balog, Chief Technology Officer at KVH Industries, Inc.

Robert Balog has served as KVH Industries chief technology officer since January 2019. Previously, he served as senior vice president, engineering from October 2008 to January 2019 and vice president of engineering, satellite products from February 2005 to October 2008. From June 2003 to January 2005, Mr. Balog served as president of his own engineering contract services company, Automation Services, Inc., a contract product development and services group specializing in a wide range of automation solutions. From June 2001 to May 2003, Mr. Balog served as vice president of engineering at ADE Corporation. From 1989 to April 2001, Mr. Balog held several positions at Speedline Technologies, Inc., a supplier of capital equipment to the electronics assembly industry, including general manager and vice president of research and development. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association. Mr. Balog is the recipient of 14 U.S. patents. Mr. Balog holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Purdue University.

Matt Vargas-LinkedIn

Matt Vargas

Matt Vargas, TACNAV Business Development/Sales Manager at KVH Industries, Inc.

Matt Vargas’ responsibility at KVH is business development within KVH Industries’ Inertial Navigation division.  Before joining KVH, Mr. Vargas was vice president of business assistance of the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation. More recently, Mr. Vargas ran the COVID-19 testing operations for the State of Rhode Island. Mr. Vargas has 13 years of experience in small business development, consulting, finance, and military operations. He has worked in challenging domestic and international environments throughout his career, including a deployment to Afghanistan. Mr. Vargas is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and has an MBA from the University of Rhode Island.

Kevin Ricketts – Crop

Kevin Ricketts

Kevin Ricketts, Director, TACNAV Product Development at KVH Industries, Inc.

Kevin Ricketts is the director of TACNAV Product Development at KVH Industries, Inc. Prior to joining KVH, he was director of engineering at Comprehensive Power, a dynamic energy solutions provider for military, marine, renewable energy and the oil and gas industries in Marlborough, Massachusetts. He has extensive experience in program and product management. Mr. Ricketts was also with Northstar Marine Electronics of Acton, Massachusetts where he held numerous positions including director of engineering. Among other duties, he was responsible for R&D. Mr. Ricketts is a graduate of Northeastern University and Wentworth Institute of Technology. He is also a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain.

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