AeroVironment Enhances Puma 3 AE with Extended Flight Time Battery Option

AeroVironment’s PS2500 battery provides Puma 3 AE unmanned aerial systems users with up to three hours of continuous flight operations. (Photo: AeroVironment)

AeroVironment has announced the approval of the PS2500 battery for use in the Puma™ 3 AE unmanned aircraft system (UAS), enabling an extended endurance of up to three hours of flight time. This development offers operators increased mission flexibility and extended operational time for both land and maritime operations.

The optional PS2500 battery represents an advancement for the Puma 3 AE, a system known for its versatility and reliability in various operational environments. Brad Truesdell, AeroVironment’s Vice President and General Manager of Small UAS (SUAS), highlighted the impact of the new battery on operational capabilities, stating that it allows for longer mission durations and greater coverage in a single flight, enhancing the Puma 3 AE’s value as a multifunctional asset for a wide range of applications.

Operators of the Puma 3 AE now have the choice between the standard smart battery, which offers two and a half hours of endurance, and the new PS2500 battery, which extends flight time to three hours. The PS2500 battery pack is characterized by its high-energy-density lithium-ion composition and an improved capacity of 24.5Ah (amp-hours). Despite its enhanced capacity, the battery retains the size and form factor necessary for seamless integration into the Puma 3 AE’s existing battery bay. Additionally, it is interoperable with the Puma LE as a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), further demonstrating AeroVironment’s commitment to modularity and cross-platform compatibility within its UAS lineup.