AeroVironment Teams Up with Parry Labs to Advance Modular UAS for U.S. Army

AeroVironment (AV), a prominent name in unmanned aircraft systems, has announced a partnership with Parry Labs, known for its expertise in Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), to enhance the development of the new P550 uncrewed aircraft system (UAS). This collaboration aims to integrate advanced digital engineering, software, and mission-specific hardware tailored for the U.S. Army’s Long Range Reconnaissance (LRR) program.

The partnership focuses on leveraging Parry Labs’ MOSA expertise to deliver a system that promises easy integration and superior flexibility in mission operations. This approach ensures that the P550 UAS will have an open system architecture, allowing for rapid and seamless component replacements and upgrades, thus avoiding vendor lock-in scenarios and enhancing lifecycle management.

Cris Sapera, Vice President of Engineering at AeroVironment, emphasized the strategic importance of this collaboration, stating, “Our customers rely on AV’s market-leading UAS to perform critical missions in challenging and hostile environments. The integration of a verified and validated MOSA architecture enhances our platform’s adaptability and operational readiness.”

Dave Walsh, Chief Technology Officer at Parry Labs, also highlighted the benefits of the open systems approach, noting, “This partnership not only brings modular and upgradeable solutions to the P550 but also aligns with the U.S. Army’s goals for reusable and adaptable infrastructure across their aviation assets.”

The P550 UAS is designed to meet the demanding requirements of long-range reconnaissance missions, equipped with advanced AI and autonomy, maximum payload versatility, and rapid deployment capabilities. This initiative represents an advancement in providing the U.S. Army with enhanced operational flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to evolving mission needs.