Aeryon Labs partners with Persistent Systems


Aeryon Labs and Persistent Systems recently formed a partnership to integrate Wave Relay technology into the SkyRanger’s small unmanned aerial system’s airframe.

The integration will enable Command and Control video and downlinks from the SkyRanger into a Wave Relay MANET, according to a news release, instead of relying on WiFi or other networking standards to deliver line-of-sight connections from the ground control station to the aircraft. This gives the SkyRanger a new set of capabilities useful to military, public safety and commercial UAS operators.

The integration eliminates the need for a dedicated base station to provide the wireless link from the operator to the aircraft, giving operators more flexibility and less equipment. Operating the SkyRanger as a relay node within the MANET enables an “over the hill” communications link between ground personnel who would otherwise be out of radio contact, to a range of about 15 mi between the ground-based teams.

It also extend the aircraft’s operational range to the MANET’s maximum range, while allowing all personnel within the MANET to watch the video and telemetry feeds from the aircraft.