Aeryon Labs Completes First Approved Canadian BVLOS Drone Flight

The SkyRanger from Aeryon Labs recently completed the first Transport Canada approved Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone flight.

Ventus Geospatial Inc. and Canadian Unmanned chose the SkyRanger for BVLOS testing and evaluation, according to a news release. The drone recently completed flight trials at the Foremost UAS Range, a UAS training and development center in Canada that specializes in BVLOS.

These trials are designed to help establish safe operational procedures and protocols for operating small drones, weighing less than 55 pounds, beyond line of sight. This inaugural flight creates the foundation for how sUAS operators can legally and safely fly BVLOS in Canada and the rest of the world.

“Transport Canada continues to be a progressive airspace regulator, establishing standards and guidelines, like BVLOS, that enable safe UAS operations within Canada,” said Dave Kroetsch, Aeryon Labs President & CEO, according to the release. “Aeryon is proud to support Transport Canada and our aviation partners using the SkyRanger, which is the first VTOL sUAS to conform to the requirements established by Transport Canada for UAV system airworthiness and design.”