ANRA Delivers Technology for India’s First Autonomous Air and Terrestrial Testbed

ANRA Technologies has completed a tech integration effort at India’s TiHAN hub, shown here. Photo courtesy of ANRA Technologies.

New Delhi—ANRA Technologies, which provides unmanned vehicle mission management and operations solutions, has completed a massive technology integration effort at the Technology Innovation Hub on Autonomous Navigation (TiHAN).

ANRA Technologies Pvt Ltd., based in New Delhi, was awarded a contract from the India Institute of Technology Hyderabad to deliver integrated capabilities that advance autonomous vehicle traffic management, airspace surveillance and data fusion. ANRA supported the development of India’s first aerial and terrestrial systems testbed at TiHAN, a multi-departmental initiative supported by industry. TiHAN is recognized by the government of India’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

“ANRA has been engaging and investing in the India market for several years through our New Delhi office,” said Amit Ganjoo, founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies. “I’m honored that ANRA is collaborating with TiHAN to advance India’s autonomous capability and international customers that leverage our technology at this world-class facility.”

As a systems integrator and technology provider, ANRA will be an integral part of TiHAN by delivering capabilities to enhance TiHAN facilities that include proving grounds, test tracks, hangars, ground control stations, drone detection systems, simulation tools, intelligent road infrastructure, environment emulators, communications, runways and command centers.