Aptiv Emerges from Delphi Automotive Split; Looks to Transform Future Mobility

Photo courtesy of Aptiv PLC.

Newly launched Gillingham, England-based Aptiv PLC, a technology company that develops safer, greener and more connected solutions for a diverse array of global customers, is looking to transform future mobility. Formerly known as Delphi Automotive, Aptiv emerges from the completion of Delphi’s spin-off of its Powertrain segment, which became Delphi Technologies PLC.

While operating as Delphi, the company pioneered advances in the industry, but as Aptiv, boasts a new dedication to bring the next generation of autonomous vehicles, smart cities and connectivity to life.

 The future of mobility took a major step forward on December 5 with the launch of Aptiv PLC, according to the company.

“Mobility has the power to change the world, and Aptiv has the power to change mobility,” said Kevin Clark, president and chief executive officer. “Aptiv is built on a strong foundation of industry firsts, and has the knowledge, capability, and agility to win with traditional OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers and emerging mobility players. It is a remarkable time to be in our industry, and we are very confident about our future.”

Aptiv brings impressive capabilities to solve the complex challenges associated with safer, greener and more connected transportation. At the core of these capabilities is the software and vehicle architecture expertise that enables the advanced safety, automated driving, user experience, and connected services that are enabling the future of mobility.

Aptiv will build on Delphi’s consistent track record of delivering value to shareholders through profitable growth, strong cash flow generation and disciplined capital deployment, the company said. They will formally unveil their portfolio of new mobility solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this coming January in Las Vegas.

Going forward, Aptiv will focus on segments — electrical/electronic architecture (E/EA) and electronics and safety (E&S), while Delphi Technologies will consist of the powertrain segment, which focuses on optimizing vehicle propulsion systems by enhancing environmental efficiency and vehicle performance.

Delphi has been active in driverless vehicles for some time, and in 2015 Inside Unmanned Systems reported on the company’s driverless Audi SQ5, which set out on a 3,500-mile drive from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to New York City—a road trip Delphi deemed “the longest automated driver ever attempted in North America”.

This long journey enabled Delphi to acquire real-world data from the vehicle’s various cameras, radar and LiDAR as well as wireless connected-vehicle technology. They’ll also tested and demonstrated its active safety system.

Traffic jam assist, automated pilot with lane change, and automated parking and valet are among the functions they tested during the cross country drive.