RuggON Unveils Military-Grade Rugged UAV Ground Control System at CES 2024

RuggON, a global manufacturer specializing in ruggedized mobile solutions, has revealed its latest innovation, the Ground Control System (GCS) for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The system, centered around RuggON’s renowned LUNA 3 8-inch rugged tablet, is set to debut at CES® 2024, offering real-time control, telemetry, and satellite positioning for connected drones.

The newly introduced GCS aims to empower users in controlling a wide range of UAVs with the aid of the LUNA 3 rugged tablet’s sizable and high-definition screen, ensuring superior video feedback during operations. Additionally, the system is certified to provide Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning and tracking services.

Tom Wang, CEO of RuggON North America, highlighted the system’s significance, stating, “The use of UAVs spans across various commercial and government sectors. Our new Ground Control System offers extensive capabilities, allowing safe operations and control of UAVs within distances of up to 30 kilometers. Combining the LUNA 3 rugged tablet and joystick hub, drone pilots gain reliable and user-friendly control. Its MIL-grade certification ensures durability and stability under extreme conditions, meeting the needs of drone operators and enthusiasts attending CES 2024.”

Featuring a low-latency video software decoder, the RuggON Ground Control System enables real-time high-resolution video viewing and data collection, catering to drone pilots requiring swift and precise situational awareness. Engineered to withstand dust, shock, and water, the control system is tailored for use in challenging environments.

The LUNA 3 8-inch rugged tablet stands as a powerful and efficient model within its class, powered by an Intel® Core™ i5 processor (1145G7E) with Intel Iris® Xe graphics and equipped with the Windows operating system. Its sunlight-readable display supports night and stealth modes, crucial for law enforcement and military applications. The tablet offers touchscreen functionality for enhanced operator convenience, complemented by ethernet, optional Wi-Fi 6, and 4G LTE connectivity, ensuring reliable and seamless communications.