Arca’s AirStrato Pioneer is Now Available for Pre-Order

Arca’s AirStrato Pioneer UAV

Arca’s AirStrato Pioneer UAV

Arca’s AirStrato Pioneer, a small UAV designed to perform flights at low altitudes, is currently undergoing testing.  Arca is expected to begin production on the Pioneer in May 2015, and is now accepting pre-orders, according to a news release. Pricing starts at $80,000.

The Pioneer has a 26,000 feet flight ceiling, satellite control with an optional satellite communication device, and 12 hours of endurance. Described as agile, it has a high maximum speed at low altitudes.

Like Arca’s AirStrato Explorer, the electrical powered UAV is equipped with recovery parachutes and is launched in the air with an Accelerator, a pneumatically driven catapult that allows the aircraft to take off in less than a second. It is well suited for operations that take off from remote areas or ships. Applications include border protection, disaster monitoring and management, remote area exploration and rescue missions.

Production for the Explorer is expected to begin in August 2015. It is also available for pre-order.

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