ASENSING Unveils LiDAR at CES 2024: Elevating Precision in Smart Mobility

ASENSING, a smart mobility sensor manufacturer, unveiled its latest LiDAR sensor at CES 2024, showcasing a suite of high-precision positioning products. The A2 LiDAR is designed for ADAS, autonomous driving, robotics, and machinery applications, marking advances in precision in smart mobility.

The A2 LiDAR boasts a compact size, customizable features, and a cost-effective design. Tailored for ADAS and autonomous driving, the product is positioned to address the evolving needs of industries relying on LiDAR technology. ASENSING plans scalable production and shipment within the year, indicating a commitment to timely market availability.

The surge in LiDAR shipments to passenger vehicles in China reflects a growing demand, with nearly 600,000 units shipped in 2023, a notable increase from approximately 160,000 in 2022.

The global LiDAR market for automotive applications is expected to witness substantial growth, projecting a shift from $317 million in 2022 to nearly $4.5 billion by 2028, as estimated by industry consultancy Yole Group. This projection aligns with the increasing integration of LiDAR technology in advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous vehicles.

ASENSING showcased a range of new positioning products supporting high-precision positioning for the automotive industry. The Integrated Navigation System (P-Box), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), and High-Precision GNSS Positioning Module were among the featured solutions.