senseFly Releases eBee TAC UAS

The new eBee TAC fixed-wing UAS from senseFly is optimized for enhanced tactical mapping.

The portable UAS weighs 3.5 pounds and offers up to 90 minutes of flight time, according to a news release, with a coverage area that’s optimal for mid- to long-range mapping and scouting missions for defense, government and military applications. It can integrate with situational awareness tools such as ATAK and is well suited for BVLOS applications.

The drone gives field personnel access to accurate, reliable location data and maps, delivering field intelligence and situational awareness that makes it possible for them to quickly act across rapidly changing environments. The system, currently employed by U.S. Forces, is National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant.

The solution comes equipped with enhanced security features to protect field operations, including eMotion flight and mission planning software. The software has Advanced Encryption Standard 2561 (AES-256) to prevent communications hacking between the UAS and its control station. Operators can activate silent radio mission mode to minimize detection during flights. A No Log Mode suppresses flight recordings.

eBee TAC also has a digital camouflage (“digicam”) skin for increased stealth. It can be rapidly deployed from assembly to hand-launch in three minutes and operated by one person in the field. The included backpack offers protection and portability for the drone and its components between locations.

The system also comes with a suite of swappable sensors. Operators can gather thermal, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and RGB data that can be immediately used via the on-board SD card for analysis. Aerial data can be processed using photogrammetry software to generate high-resolution topographic maps and 3D models of landscape terrain, high-value points of interest and other outputs.

“Traditional mapping tools, such as quadcopters or short-range surveillance drones, lack the capabilities to perform mid-range mapping reconnaissance tasks, particularly in environments that are difficult to navigate,” said Benjamin Pinguet, product and solution manager at senseFly, according to the release. “Together with our partner, Tough Stump Technologies, we have listened to the needs of field personnel to ensure that the eBee TAC is purpose-built for the tactical mapping demands of defense applications. We’re confident that this is the best product to suit their needs.”

senseFly has a distribution partnership with Tough Stump Technologies, a veteran-owned business specializing in remote sensing, situational awareness and mobile communications. The eBee TAC is available as part of its ARTEMIS (Aerial Reconnaissance Tactical Edge Mapping Imagery System) solution, alongside the eBee X and senseFly’s portfolio of UAS sensors. It also can be purchased as a standalone product directly from senseFly.