ASV Global and TerraSond Complete Unmanned Hydrographic Survey off Coast of Alaska

ASV Global and TerraSond recently completed an unmanned hydrographic survey for charting off the coast of Alaska, marking the fourth time the companies have completed this type of survey for NOAA in as many years.

An ASV Global C-Worker 5 unmanned vessel completed the survey alongside the Q105 survey ship, which acted as the mother vessel, according to a news release. The C-Worker 5 was equipped with a multibeam echosounder and carried out 53% of the survey.

During the survey, the C-Worker 5 was remotely monitored using ASV Global’s ASView™ control system from a station on TerraSond’s mother ship. ASView™ used exported .dxf survey lines from the TerraSond survey planning system to autonomously execute the mission with minimal human intervention.

“The ASV C-Worker 5 was once again advantageous to our charting work for NOAA along a remote stretch of Aleutian Islands coastline,” said Andrew Orthmann, Charting Program Manager for TerraSond. “It was productive in an offshore capacity, but also effective when working close to rugged, rocky shoreline with an abundance of uncharted navigational hazards. It allowed us to reduce risk to our personnel while still obtaining the seafloor data important to our client.”